Why should you come to Budapest for a stag do experience?

A little country with lovely people


Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The people are very nice and helpful to people who come from abroad to visit. The city has both old-time features and newer ones too, with its monumental buildings and modern structures of the 21st century.

We love our Hungarian identity, but we are open-minded to new things. As a local guy, I always like to get to know new people and meet new friends, whether they are from my country or foreigners.

The majority of my friends are from the capital city, especially from the midtown. Nowadays the city is going through a ton of changes. Hundreds of pubs, nightclubs, and restaurants are opening daily, giving you plenty of chances to feel entertained by so many possibilities at a very low price.

Budapest is the city of youngsters

We adore this city because our life is always on the move. We love spending our days in our beautiful parks or just sitting down and having a drink in some of our special ruin bars and flirting with girls all day long.

There are a lot of activities you can try when you come to visit us. If it’s a stag do weekend, you are very lucky because everything for a special time with your lads is here. The girls are beautiful, and everything is unbelievably cheap.

Relaxing bath experience

The good thing is that we never have to wait for the summer if we want to have a great time next to the water. Our world-famous thermal spas are ready for us all year long. We love spending our day next to the hot water pools, eating well, and relaxing in a sauna. We usually do it before an evening of partying, after a hard night as recovery, or just for fun. If you come here, you must try the unique atmosphere of the mineral spring places. After that, you’ll feel like a truly relaxed local Hungarian.

Beautiful river in the middle of the city

When I was a child I used to sit on the riverbank just looking at the boats on the Danube. One of our favorite activities now we are adults is to get on a beautiful boat, and have a one or two-hour boat trip. We chat and laugh while the ship slowly sweeps down the river next to our famous buildings. If you book a boat trip with your friends during the weekend, you can get a slice of a real local feeling.

Try some toys for adults easily

Have you ever tried shooting with a real gun? It’s not very easy to go gun shooting in other countries of Europe because of certain government rules. Me, and my friends like shooting ranges because most of them are in nature and you don’t feel like it’s an artificial place only for that activity. You and your lads also can try clay pigeon shooting (usually called skeet shooting). It’s like a real hunting experience in the summer and in winter too.

Rolling bar in midtown

As I told you before, we like the flashy life. The nighttime is so special here because you feel like you’re in a never-ending rolling story. Before we start a pub crawl or just a simple nightclub visit, we usually book a rolling bar called a beer bike. You must have seen it before – it’s a big vehicle with pedals on it. You sit in front of your friend listening to your favorite music and drinking your beer. I think it’s one of the best starts to a night you can have when you come here.

I could speak about the hundreds of activities you can do in Budapest, but I don’t think there’s any need to say more. I hope you’ll come and visit our country and I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time with your friends here.