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How To Find Cheap Flight for Your Stag Do Weekend?

If you are like me you love to travel, exploring new places, revisiting old favorite haunts or having a stag do party in Budapest. In my 20s, it was harder to fulfill my wanderlust with a lighter wallet, so I learned a few tricks to maximize my trips while minimizing the cost. In fact, traveling […]

How to Find the Perfect Airbnb Accommodation for your Stag Do Party

With the continuous emergence of new ways to experience vacationing or stag do in Budapest, it is no wonder the marketplace for living accommodations during your stay is constantly changing. Airbnb services are bringing people closer to their place of travel, through the implementation of housing, stays at places that are rich in historical value […]

Health Benefits of Wine

Wine is heralded as the sophisticated drink of the ages. Drinking wine has been associated with people considered cultured and research shows that wine drinkers have higher IQs than that of people who drink different alcoholic beverages. The reason for this association with elegance stems back to the days when wine was considered for the […]

Health Benefits of Beer

Beer is the number one alcoholic drink worldwide and the third most popular drink just underwater and tea. Also, it’s one of the best drinks for your stag do weekend in Budapest. It is common for social gatherings, restaurants, sporting events, even one round of television commercials can offer various beer choices. The great thing […]

Why should you come to Budapest for a stag do experience?

A little country with lovely people   Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The people are very nice and helpful to people who come from abroad to visit. The city has both old-time features and newer ones too, with its monumental buildings and modern structures of the 21st century. We […]

How to Choose Accommodations in Budapest for Stag Do Weekend

Budapest is a beautiful city with thousands of years of history underneath its belt. It’s one of the most romantic cities in all of Eastern Europe and a favorite stag do party location. If you’re traveling to Hungary for the first time, you might want to research your accommodations options thoroughly. Many Americans in particular […]

Ten must try foods in Budapest during your stag do weekend

Are you looking forward to traveling to Budapest and have no idea what restaurants to visit or the food to eat? If that’s a yes, then in this article we’ve listed some of the excellent cuisines and places you need to visit in the city. The meals here are spicy, delicious, and of varied flavors. […]

10 Top Rated Stag Do Attractions in Budapest

Budapest, the capital of Hungary has sat on the shores of the Danube River for over 150 years. Even before that, there were settlements dating all the way back to the Stone Age at this location. One of the benefits of having such a long history of human habitation is the evidence left behind by […]